DST – Dirak Snap Technology

Revolution in the assembly of mountings with DST


  • tool-less assembly without screws or nuts
  • vibrationprove, secure connection
  • Blind mounting, no access to the backside needed
  • high reliability (screws can’t get lost)
  • lower costs and lead times
  • quick and easy to use

DST replaces conventional fastening methods in a creative way. The easy DST method enables the assembly of a cabinet within a very short period of time. We tested it. The disassembly for maintenance, repairs or recycling at the end of the life cycle is also easy and very well possible.

DST is based on a unique housing system with 2 wedge-shaped clip-elements under spring tension, which are directly „snapped“ through the cutout in the prescribed position of the sheet metal. Once the product is „snapped“ in, it has a vibrationproved, fixed connection.

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