3 industries where you can appreciate Dirak products

3 industries where you can appreciate Dirak products

Dirak offers over 4500 products. Finding out if there are any that suit your business industry can be quite time consuming. In this article we will briefly describe where you can use different Dirak products.

Dirak has been on the market for over 25 years. During that time, Dirak has developed a leading position in the manufacturing of industrial components such as locks, fittings, seals and more.

The company own more than 400 patents and the possibilities of using their products are really wide. Thanks to the use of the finest materials, modern design and high functionality, their products are also applied in unusual sectors.

Food processing

As you may well know, hygiene standards and other standards in the food industry are among the most stringent. Dirak components are designed to meet all these standards and regulations. They have been developed and tested according to the DGUV NV 13090 certificate. The most important advantages include:

  • sophisticated geometric shapes and high quality polished stainless surfaces that prevent the formation of contaminants and the growth of bacteria,
  • designed for water to drain from the surface to prevent contamination by bacteria,
  • high-grade stainless steel guarantees optimal corrosion and temperature resistance, making it ideal for almost any environment,
  • material is resistant to acid and alkaline cleaners,
  • each product is assembled with a blue seal to meet the FDA requirements (Food and Drug Administration) so that it cannot be mistaken for food materials,
  • to ensure the highest level of safety, products were designed with smooth rounded edges (to avoid any potential handling risk)
  • fixing nut with grounding teeth ensures reliable contact between the lock and the cover so that an electrical conductive connection is secured.

Rail transport

Rail products are specific, requiring high quality and durability over a period of many years, at the high speeds of the trains. Over the decades, Dirak has developed a number of solutions that meet the highest safety standards in any railway environment, for example:

  • visual blocking indicators such as locks that provide clear lock status information,
  • products applied to the exterior of rolling stock are resistant to dirt, temperature changes and UV radiation and are made of the finest materials,
  • products meeting the DIN EN 45545-3 directive, which means they are resistant to temperatures up to 1000 °C,
  • our compression products provide users with maximum convenience while applying uniform pressure and ensuring that your application is perfectly sealed – protecting critical infrastructure against dirt, dust and water penetration,
  • due to vibration and impact, products are tested according to DIN EN 61373,
  • Dirak-SNAP technology enables new solutions for rail applications thanks to an innovative approach to creating secure and fast connections.

Mechanical engineering

Professional solutions from Dirak also embody the development of products that are precisely tailored to meet different requirements in engineering to meet all the requirements of quality, safety and flexibility.

In addition to secure compression and multi-point locks, the DIRAK E-LINE range offers a mechatronic locking solution for machine control, providing the user with the highest level of security.

Clear visual blocking indicators increase the security and save time for additional checks. Therefore, some products have indicators to show the lock status for easier and faster verification / confirmation, for example:

  • LED module: blinks when open ,
  • symbols displayed on the covers,
  • protective caps which are “open” in the open position.

With experience in modular systems, you will also find the perfect solution for your particular application, with particular emphasis on the following end product requirements:

  • mounting holes,
  • insert / adapters
  • door size / door thickness,
  • sheet thickness,
  • type of installation (screws, welding, without tools).

At Setro we have a long experience with Dirak products. We are happy to provide advice which product is most suitable for your needs.


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