6 information about box latches that help you make decisions

6 information about box latches that help you make decisions

If you have a motorbike and an ALU suitcase (aluminum), for sure you have already dealt with their locking in the form of box latches. But even as a company you appreciate a supplier with quality locks for boxes. For customers, these products are particularly indispensable for quality combined with an affordable price.


Indeed, box latches are used wherever it is necessary to combine the price and product functionality in the best possible way. For greater comfort while making decisions here is an overview of what you can find in the package with box latches from our company.

1.   On what kind of material can you rely on?

Most often box latches are made of steel and stainless steel (also inox). Other kinds of materials are negligible for this product. Zinc is used for the steel surface treatment. The surface is smooth with stainless steel.


Resistance, anti-corrosion and other higher quality attributes can mainly be provided by stainless steel or so-called inox. Our box latches produced from this steel belong to class AISI 304 (American Iron and Steel Institute). It is a frequently used kind of steel strengthened mainly with chromium and nickel, therefore placed among austenitic chrome-nickel stainless steels.

2. Sizes and adjustments of box latches

Box latches can be divided into different types – rotary, adjustable, lockable or non-lockable. Each closure can be a different size. What is a big advantage though is that some of them can be adjusted according to your parameters. The exact dimensions and other technical specifics can be seen in our catalog in the box latches section.


3. With or without key

The range is divided into latches that use a key or are non-lockable. If you need advice feel free to ask.

4. I need advice or filling an order

If you are not sure about the suitability or the size of the selected box latch type, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or e-mail. In case you have already chosen a specific product, just fill in the order on our website. An order can also be taken by telephone.

5. When we become your supplier for box latches, then…

  • you have the guarantee of the products being from one of the largest manufacturers of locking accessories
  • you receive them in a short time
  • you have our full customer support
  • we promptly solve all claims
  • we can ensure a regular larger supply volume
  • and these are just some of the benefits provided by using box latches. The best way is to try them on your own J

Who we are and what we offer

The Setro company has been operating since 2001 as a supplier of industrial locks, hinges and seals. Since 2007 the company has widened its range with gas struts from the top French manufacturer Berthold Max.


Piano hinges and locking mechanisms are of guaranteed quality from the French company Pinet and a range of industrial locks and seals from the German manufacturer Dirak.











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