A gasket that meets demanding conditions

A gasket that meets demanding conditions

A gasket placed in a product always offers some purpose. It prevents oil leakage, high temperature, protects from heat or pressure, or acts as an electrical insulator. More and more companies place high demands on the quality and life of sealing materials and require as many insulation properties as possible.


Types of gaskets

The Setro company virtually offers two types of gaskets in view to their mounting: slip and self-adhesive gaskets. Both types of gaskets can be seamlessly installed by anyone who is at least little bit technically skillful.


Closely guarded material

The manufacturer of industrial gaskets and fittings, Dirak, is constantly striving to innovate and develop new products. In a series of recent products it introduced antibacterial handles which are mainly useful in daily work with foodstuffs. This new product has a gasket that meets the strict standards defined by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the US, because it prevents any adverse material impact on food.

When storing food or drugs, it is important that chemicals or pollutants don’t permeate the material. Therefore, strict conditions are imposed on the materials that come in contact with food. Manufacturers must pass EU regulations, which thus direct the production processes and safety in industry.


Insulation against noise, dust and liquids

Gaskets are extremely important in large CNC machines, but also in all other facilities under great pressure. Equipment must be well insulated against noise, water penetration or other individual conditions. A gasket failure can lead to the breakdown of the entire production, whose consequence is the interruption of the entire logistics process and extra costs for the life of the company. Quality gaskets and industrial fittings have a direct impact on the working conditions of employees and their health.


Durability and quality of gaskets from SETRO

The DIRAK products that SETRO, s. r. o. offers are made of rubber, NBR or highly durable EPDM material, which has a long life. Currently there is an increasing demand for gaskets, which are not only resistant to dust and water, but also provide electromagnetic proofness. Choose from our offer in the catalog on

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