Electronic Locks – Are You Familiar With Their Advantages And Use?

Electronic locks stand out for a wide range of the options of use, very easy handling and rich functionality. What do you need to know...


Get an overview of the range of gas springs: what is their application?

Gas springs have very wide use. We often do not even realize that we are using them at some particular moment. What is the practical...


Quality, Progress, and Innovation: Learn about Our Current Offer

The company setro has been operating in Slovakia since 2001. During this time, it has managed to build a strong position in the industrial production...


Gas springs: Learn to use them safely

Gas springs are really handy helpers for everyday tasks at home, work, as well as the handling of large loads in heavy industry. But do...


Where can you find hinges? Food industry, logistics and transport

Hinges included in our range of products are components that have found a large number of satisfied customers in the manufacturing and electrical industry. However, few...


What are the next generation locking systems by Dirak capable of?

Dirak has been continually innovating its products and regularly bringing their upgraded versions to market. The newest generation locking systems include products marked MLE1102 and...


Intelligent Lighting and Street Devices. Thanks to the Product Line by Pinet

Products by Pinet really provide high variability and can be found in places you might not have expected. For example, in the streets. Public Lighting...


How to properly dispose of and recycle (not only) gas springs?

Although the lifetime of Berthold Merx gas springs and Setra products is very long, their usage may lead to damage over time or, simply, to...


E-LINE protects the Microsoft and IBM servers. Secure your data with Dirak

Data protection is a key aspect for larger companies, whether it’s your own data, or data of your clients and customers. Every successful company will...


Innovations by Dirak. Flexibility, Quality and Simple Installation

Dirak constantly innovates its product offer and regularly introduces new models on the market. At the beginning of 2018, Dirak introduced improved solutions for locking...


Practical guide to sliding rails from Pinet

Although Pinet’s domain includes mainly different hinge systems, their product portfolio also includes other useful products. Telescopic slides, sometimes simply referred to as rails, have...


Know-how of Pinet latching systems: From prototype to you

For more than 175 years, Pinet has been delivering the finest products in the field of hinges, handles, supports, caps and other tools. For the...


3 industries where you can appreciate Dirak products

Dirak offers over 4500 products. Finding out if there are any that suit your business industry can be quite time consuming. In this article we...


What is Dirak SNAP technology and what is the application?

Imagine a technology that allows you to connect metal plates without the use of screws, nuts, or tools while maintaining the joint strength and all...


Innovation and tradition. All this is offered by the range of goods from Pinet

The French company Pinet has been on the market since 1840. It specializes mainly in industrial locks, handles, telescopic supports and continuous hinges. In Slovakia,...


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