Where can you find hinges? Food industry, logistics and transport

Where can you find hinges? Food industry, logistics and transport

Hinges included in our range of products are components that have found a large number of satisfied customers in the manufacturing and electrical industry. However, few people are aware of where these products are used and what an important role they play in sectors that ensure a smooth running of your company.

Huge variability

In our catalogue you will find hundreds to thousands of different alternative shapes and sizes of hinges from Pinet with different functional designs. Whatever the product you are making, if you need to use hinges we offer, you will surely find a model that will exactly meet your requirements.

The way the hinges we offer work is simple and comes from three main elements:

  • Sheets – two elements used to mount two objects together
  • The pin – pin can also be called a bar and is a part designed to hold the sheets and joints together. Placed in the joint to allow for rotary movement.
  • Joints – This part is designed to create a link between the sheets.

Material according to your needs

With our products, you also have the option to choose a specific material that will perfectly reflect the needs for the application of a particular model. You can choose from classic steel without any surface treatment, nickel-plated steel or also stainless steel. Some types of this metal are also suitable for gastronomic devices.

Application in gastronomy

From agricultural production to the kitchen – literally. Hinges (together with other products, such as gas springs) are being used already in the field during agricultural production where they are mounted on heavy machinery – for example on a tractor or combine harvester.

But we can also find them in the kitchen, for example in refrigerators, where our products meet strict hygiene requirements. Of course, hinges can be found in freezing boxes, different shelves on stainless furniture, but also on large “army” filed kitchens. In all these places we can find hinges or springs from our offered range.

Hinges “hold things together”

These products are used to reliably and accurately keep different types of covers and doors in the desired position. They are also very important in logistics and transport in general – again from the use in the production of freight machinery, to the use directly in packaging of different products into smaller boxes on which the hinges are mounted.

How to choose the correct hinge?

To make sure that the purchased hinges really meet your expectations, you need to consider a few key factors which can influence your decision. Including the following:

  • Gate/Door Weight (Max. weight)
  • Material (steel, brass, galvanized, vinyl, plastic, etc.)
  • Type (Hidden, Spring, Heavy, Door and Rear)
  • Mounting type (screw, welding, etc.)
  • Features such as self-closing or even soft closing

Contact us, we will be happy to provide advice

You are not able to choose a product from the catalogue which would perfectly reflect the needs of your production? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you on an affordable and quality model that exactly meets all your requirements.

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