What is Dirak SNAP technology and what is the application?

What is Dirak SNAP technology and what is the application?

Imagine a technology that allows you to connect metal plates without the use of screws, nuts, or tools while maintaining the joint strength and all the necessary parameters. Dirak’s Snap technology is exactly like that. What can this technology do?

Using Snap technology is also very easy, in a way that it may seem impossible. With a single snap, you can create a firm joint without the use of screws, nuts and other tools. With Dirak Snap you can save up to 90% of the time. 

How does it work

D-Snap technology is based on a unique module system with 2 spring-tensioned conical clamps that “connect” through the mounting holes in the plates directly in the desired position. Once the product is snapped, a shock and vibration-resistant connection is created and provides the same strength as the one achieved by common fasteners (screws, nuts).

For different types of holes

The range of D-Snap modules is really wide. They are available in various sizes and shapes for circular, square and rectangular cut-outs. Thanks to this variability, their use is possible almost anywhere.

It can connect all conventional sheet metal thicknesses

The modules are designed to connect all conventional sheet thicknesses from the thinnest to the total thickness of 8 mm. In case of the thinnest sheets you can also use reinforcing boards to increase the strength. These boards are made either of plastic or wood.

Installation without any faults

You do not have to worry about the strength of the joint or if the nut and bolt are tightened to the maximum without any loosening. You do not need any screws or nuts anymore. Once you push the module into the mounting hole, you will know it is in place thanks to a loud click noise. The connection will always be firm, without any rotation, sliding or rocking at the joint.

Dirak-Snap technology excels in small and hard-to-reach locations. In places where manipulation with a screwdriver or drill is tedious or impossible, the Snap module is simply placed and pressed with your finger.

Strong, safe with the option to disassemble

Dirak-Snap modules are really unique. Although they create a strong joint, some of them can be disassembled using a special tool. They are therefore resistant to vandalism but are still accessible in case of repair or dismantling. It is an ideal solution for various portable cabinets and cases used at exhibitions. Assembly and disassembly only take a while and the time saved is not negligible.

Other options for use

As we have already mentioned, the possibilities of using Snap technology are really wide. Cabinets and cases, as well as smaller sheet metal structures, such as stalls, are just the beginning. It can also be used in air-conditioning installations, in the construction of a production line or in the assembly of the external cover of machine tools. The cherry on the top is the use of modules in passenger transport for the construction of railway wagons.

Even conductive joints are not a problem for Dirak Snap. Some modules are equipped with a grounding terminal and are also ready for this type of installation.

Try the Dirak-Snap

There is no reason not to try Dirak-Snap system. You’ll see that simplicity of the use and time saved really make it a good idea to apply in your production process.

If you have any special requirements, modules can be adjusted. Please contact us and we will find the ideal solution for you.

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