E-LINE protects the Microsoft and IBM servers. Secure your data with Dirak

E-LINE protects the Microsoft and IBM servers. Secure your data with Dirak

Data protection is a key aspect for larger companies, whether it’s your own data, or data of your clients and customers. Every successful company will eventually start storing data locally and using its own data centre. Dirak’s state-of-the-art E-LINE technology offers a wide range of security options for data cabinets, and its benefits are appreciated by businesses in many industries.

Data protection does not just consist of antivirus, server firewall and password protection. It is often necessary to provide secured physical access to cabinets in which sensitive data or documents are stored. E-LINE products are trusted by companies such as the computer giant IBM, a financial company based in the UK – Nationwide, Microsoft and British Sky Broadcasting Group. Your business should not be an exception.

E-Line product options

E-LINE are electronically controlled locks designed for use wherever access control is necessary. Classic turn-key locks are obsolete and dangerous, with modern data protection requiring much more. If you are serious about your data protection, Dirak’s E-LINE products are a great element with the most advanced security features.

They can be connected to an existing company security system

E-LINE mechatronic locking systems have Administration Suite software that can be used separately or connected to an existing security system.

Protection against unauthorized access at multiple levels

The biggest advantage of E-LINE mechatronic locking systems is in access setting options. Sophisticated software is so complex that it is possible to set the access rights for individual locks at multiple levels:

  • User access rights – the lock is unlocked only to the authorized user, such as the administrator or technician. For example, only management, and so on, may have access to a sensitive document cabinet
  • Authorization of two persons – two authorized persons must be present for the opening.
  • Time lock – E-LINE locks can be set to be locked or unlocked at given time intervals. For example, at night, not even a person with authorization can enter the cabinet. On the other hand, the cabinets can be locked permanently and can only be accessed on request.
  • 2-step authentication – in addition to the use of the card, one must also enter a PIN. This can be regularly changed, so even if the card is lost, there is no risk of an unauthorized person entering the cabinet.

They have an access indication and temperature changes sensor directly on the handle

The LED indicators integrated into E-LINE locks allow you to display information such as locked/unlocked status, making the work of the night guards much easier and quicker. Another option is to display any deviations from the setup temperature range inside the cabinet directly at the lock. Of course, the product can be customized to the specific needs of the customer.

They allow for reliable access monitoring

In addition to connecting to an existing security system of a company, the Administration Suite software can do much more. It provides full access control and wide setup options for each E-LINE lock separately. The client-server architecture works with an event communication, which reduces the need for data transfer. Data transferred between hardware, client, and server is encrypted, so the entire system is absolutely safe. All actions are logged, and in case of unauthorized access or failure, the responsible person is immediately notified. Access can also be managed from a tablet or smartphone virtually from any place and you can instantly respond to any unexpected situations.

We also offer invisible locks

Dirak also thought of the possibility of having to secure an outdoor cabinet or a cabinet accessible in a public place. The MLU 1000 model is neither visible nor accessible from the outside, so it does not provide any potential access point. Application can also be found in the food industry or in areas with higher hygiene requirements.

You do not have to own a datacentre to make your E-LINE product implementation profitable. Use of these products depends on how seriously you consider the data protection, whether it the data of your business or your clients. Their variability allows application in every environment.

Do you need to secure hundreds of cabinets in multiple rooms or buildings and get a perfect overview at all times? Not a problem. Do you need every lock to have its own IP address? We have a product just like that. Do you have special requirements and need a custom solution? Great! Contact us and we will find the right one for you.

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