Electronic Locks – Are You Familiar With Their Advantages And Use?

Electronic Locks – Are You Familiar With Their Advantages And Use?

Electronic locks stand out for a wide range of the options of use, very easy handling and rich functionality. What do you need to know before you decide to invest in them?

In the article, you can find useful information about what the electronic locks are, what models are currently available on the market, where people use them, and what major advantages they offer. 

What Are The Electronic Locks?

The electronic locks are a special kind of locks that we may see at swimming pools, changing rooms, schools or hospitals. Their biggest advantages are the fact that you do not need to use a key to unlock it – a card, a chip or a PIN code are sufficient. Certain models are also controllable with smartphones, for example, using the Hopinlock application.

Administrators simultaneously have access to all locks, and they can unlock or lock all of them, which increases their safety.

Available Models

Like we have already implied that in the previous section, there are several versions of electronic locks according to the way of unlocking. Even though a principle of their functioning remains practically the same, they differ slightly in this:

  • unlocking with a card/bracelet: Every visitor of an operation using lockers with the electronic lock receives his unique card or bracelet to lock or unlock his locker in a simple way. 
  • unlocking with a PIN code: The advantage of using the PIN code is the fact that you do not need to have any card on in a gym or a swimming pool.
  • unlocking with a smartphone: The most modern way of unlocking is the one using an application, so you only need your cell phone and the installed app.

With each version, the administrator must have access to all locks either with a master key or a numerical combination. In case of the PIN code, you can set single code for all lockers or multiple codes – for instances, depending on the arrangement of lockers, or other needs. The access to the lockers is provided to the administrator also through the mobile application.

Where Are The Electronic Locks Used?

The electronic locks are intended for the use in the interior. This kind of lockers is used in lockers and changing rooms in particular. It is frequently used at places where the classic key is inconvenient. The advantage is the administrator’s access to all lockers from one place at the same time. 

These lockers are especially universal. They are usable at various public premises. That mainly relates to swimming pools, gyms, spas, fitness centres, school changing rooms, hospital or corporate lockers.

The Advantages of the Electronic Locks

The major advantage of these lockers predominantly is their universality and practicality in replacing key locks. Besides, they are distinguished by their:

  • Lifespan: Thanks to a unique adapted locking system, the models of electronic locks miniK from our assortment have ten times higher battery life. miniK10 model holds a record with 10-year physical lifespan using a single button battery.
  • Simple installation: To be installed, the lock practically needs just two openings, and it is also usable as a post box locker. It can be partially embedded or fixed to a surface. Clear installation manuals will help you with the process.
  • Compact dimensions: The lockers weigh approximately 70 grams only, and they are 8.5 cm long. 
  • Simple fastening: Installation and compact dimensions are also associated with a simple way of fastening which does not require the replacement of doors.
  • Various types of surface: The electronic locks are usable on wooden, metal, plex and glass surfaces. 

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