Factors which help you choose a locking system

Factors which help you choose a locking system

Choosing a locking system may seem complicated at first glance. Especially for those who are not familiar with the range of selection and the differences between the types. How do you choose?

We have prepared a basic overview for you to learn how to choose the right locking system. First, you have to consider a number of factors, as well as the features of the locking systems currently available in the market.

When selecting a locking system, you need to know what type of application the system is for, and also what thickness and utilization the material has you are installing the locking technology into. 

What is the range of locking systems?

You can choose between several types of locking systems, such as: 

  • point,
  • lever,
  • snap,
  • tightening,
  • box etc. 

The lever locking system is suitable for lighter industrial applications. The point locking system works on the principle of individual moving points, in which more points mean a more effective locking. 

Thanks to its easy insertability and durable material, snap locks can also be easily used in components for electric cars, yachts, laboratory enclosures, and more.

What to watch out for in point mechanisms?

When choosing a point mechanism, consider the cut-out size and what type of industrial device or component it will be installed on. We need to know the material and its thickness.

Point locks can be installed not only on hatches but also on sockets. Many designs include pressure latches to provide a better fit for the door panel.

What to watch out for in lever mechanisms?

You can install the lever mechanism on different types of doors. They can be controlled by a fixed or removable crank and locked using multiple types of inserts.

Many models resist vibration, so they can also be mounted on the devices where you expect shocks.

Lever mechanisms are most commonly used in power distribution cabinets and can be retrofitted with a padlock or lock cap that increases IP coverage of the entire cabinet.

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