Find out what products from the offer are best for you

Find out what products from the offer are best for you

Whether you operate in agriculture, pharmacy, or railway transport, you cannot do without quality components, such as gas struts, industrial fittings and gaskets. What is our offer on and how are our products exceptional?

Gas struts

There is a wide range of applications, dozens of industries and places where gas struts facilitate work. Due to its dampening effect, they’re a suitable complement for staff security, but they also mitigate the heavy lifting of loads at home. It is important to see to it that you choose gas struts corresponding to the weight of the load and not buy a pig in a poke. The quality and durability of the gas strut also depends on the pressurized force that should not be higher or lower than necessary for the equipment’s needs. If you need to take a larger quantity, look for a supplier that can promptly ensure such requirements. offers gas struts from the French manufacturer Berthold Marx. Depending on your requirements we pressurize them precisely for you. You’ll have the gas struts already within 48 hours of ordering. See the references of our long-term customers.

Industrial fittings

The hygienic and durability requirements of fittings are still increasing. If you don’t go with modern times, other companies will have the competitive advantage. Every year the manufacturer Dirak brings forth innovation in the area of fittings, from which our company takes industrial fittings and gaskets.

Our offer of industrial fittings includes 1-, 2-, and 3-point locks, lever mechanisms, locking systems by locking bars, as well as handles for opening and sealing. They can be used in different types of transport – in buses, trains, locomotives, but also distribution cabinets and sheet metal covers. They are not suitable for furniture equipment.

Industrial gaskets

A gasket, which prevents noise, dust or water, inherently belongs to the fitting. In the food, pharmacy and similar areas, with gaskets made from materials that are also resistant to high temperature should be used. Silicone gaskets for new antibacterial handles, developed by Dirak, are resistant to a high temperature range.

Piano hinges

The reliability of the device is influenced by the quality of the piano hinges or hinges, which are made out of steel, brass or stainless steel. They find multiple uses in construction and agricultural machinery, bus covers or the inside of buses on the doors, the cabinet doors in a train or aircraft, in a wardrobe or on a street lamp, possible of withstanding adverse conditions thanks to them.

Our supplier of piano hinges is Pinet, one of the leaders in the production of piano hinges, locks and equipment for industrial use.

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