Get an overview of the range of gas springs: what is their application?

Get an overview of the range of gas springs: what is their application?

Gas springs have very wide use. We often do not even realize that we are using them at some particular moment. What is the practical use of these products in everyday life and where can we find it in our everyday life? 

Did you know that you use gas springs on a daily basis, from the moment you start preparing your breakfast in the morning? it is the same with you loading things into the trunk of your car and when you go to bed in the evening.

Damping and facilitating movement

A standard gas strut is cylindrical. Its task is to dampen the movement with compressed nitrogen and oil or to facilitate this movement. The gas strut not only facilitates the opening and closing of the doors, but also the insertion and protrusion of drawers or the trunk of the car.

Gas springs operate on a similar principle to metal springs but have several advantages compared to the springs. One of the advantages is that they release energy gradually and not in one stroke, as in the case with springs. You can find out more about this issue in an older article, where we dealt with cases for using gas springs and, on the contrary, using classic springs.

Application in every sector

With a piston diameter of 6, 8, 10 and 14 millimeters, we can find gas springs in almost every sector of industry. Larger diameter springs can be pressurized to a higher maximum pressure than in smaller diameter springs.

The more power you need to develop, the larger gas strut you will need. Please see the catalog for a complete range of gas springs. 

On the other hand, use tension gas springs for special types hatches and lifting as these work on the opposite principle. The piston rod is pulled inside. Therefore, you will need to exert a force corresponding to its pressurization to pull it out.

You can find them in both furniture and exterior

Gas springs are an essential part of home furniture, especially in kitchen cabinets, wardrobes or beds with mattress storage places or with hinged doors.

The springs are fitted not only on the self-closing doors but can also be found outdoors. In fact, Setro also produces gas springs made of stainless steel, which are designed for the most extreme weather conditions and applications with increased hygiene level.

Please, try and pay attention to the springs next time you open your car trunk. Notice how the gas springs work.

Do not forget about the dirt wiper

For normal home use, such as the above-mentioned furniture door, we recommend using, for example, pressure gas springs with a piston diameter of 6 mm. These ensure smooth opening and closing with evenly distributed force.

Please remember that every gas strut has its lifetime. Therefore, also get a dirt wiper that protects the strut from dust and other unwanted substances.

For threaded springs, we recommend using safety and protective tubes to prolong its lifetime. In general, however, gas springs are characterized by long life and low maintenance. You will therefore definitely not regret the investment.


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