High quality vs. poor quality strut. Don’t buy a pig in a poke

High quality vs. poor quality strut. Don’t buy a pig in a poke

In order for you to work with reliable products, you need to have a good hand in the choice of supplier and, in particular, sufficient information on the use of the product. You’ll learn about the range of gas struts only on the manufacturer’s or dealer’s websites. So we decided to write down the most important ones, so that instead of quality you don’t find a pig in a poke.


How does it work?

The essence of the gas strut‘s functions is a cylinder, a piston rod and energy. A piston rod, which extends from the cylinder thanks to nitrogen, is sealed in the cylinder. The accumulated energy is released by compressing the struts during extension.


Efficiency = correct gas strut pressure

Since you need to expend less energy when opening windows than when lifting the luggage cover, each gas strut needs the correct pressure in Newtons (F) to avoid damage and danger to the safety of people working with it.

The primary criterion for the selection of a high quality gas strut for the needs of your company is to get customized gas struts.


Gas struts in comparison to steel springs

Both gas struts and steel springs are useful struts when lifting a baggage door on the bus, a plane, a window of a production machine, or another device. A significant benefit of struts is their much lower weight – by up to 75% – and it takes up less space than steel springs. A gas strut provides not only easier handling, but also comfort and working safety.

Other important advantages include longer life and corrosion resistance.


What affects the quality of gas struts?

Product quality is often attributed only to producers, but it often also depends on how they comply with the standard product requirements prior to entry into service and during their use.

Production features – not every gas strut is made for the same conditions. It depends on where and what you work with, and what operating options are available. An example is the operating temperature. Our gas struts by Berthold Marx will withstand temperatures in a high range from -30°C to + 80°C.

Proper use – before buying struts, it’s necessary to consider when you’ll start using them or how long they will stay in storage. To prevent their deterioration and possible disappointment, store them flat in areas with room temperature.

Manufacturer and supplier – certified brand with references from customers proves the satisfaction and reliability of services. Combining the quality of the French company Berthold Marx and the Slovak quality of services from Setro, you receive a supply of gas struts individually for you. We’ll pressurize the gas struts precisely for your needs.


Can the quality be verified?

Quality management certificates, also known as ISO standards, serve to verify the production procedure. These are internationally recognized certificates issued by the worldwide organization for standardization in Geneva. If you’re buying gas struts, definitely consider this criterion as well. The issued certificate is a commitment for the company to comply with the strictly laid down requirements.

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