Multi-Point-Systems E-LINE Dirak and SNAP-LINE Dirak

About products

E-LINE by DIRAK is a brand of DIRAK GmbH and has the advantage of more than 20 years of experience in the field of lock, hinge and connection technology. This expertise flows into the modular design of our solutions. 
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Controlled access, organized security – with a modular design. Mechatronic lock solutions with new dimensions.

With E-LINE by DIRAK access and locking systems for housings, we aim to make access more secure, more convenient and more cost effective. These mechatronic systems secure housings against unauthorized opening more reliably, simplify organization and measurably increase cost effectiveness. 
Thanks to innovative products, we have grown into the leading supplier of mechatronic locking systems in three applications: 

  • System and access solutions for data and server racks. Both as standalone applications and networked system architectures, with the corresponding locking hierarchies.
  • Locking solutions for outdoor enclosures. Especially for publicly accessible locations with special requirements in terms of protection against vandalism and manipulation.
  • System solutions for industrial applications which can be installed in existing housings and machines and integrated into machine controls. 

Organize and integrate 

E-LINE by DIRAK products can be integrated into IT networks. Where necessary, they integrate into existing management systems, or use their own software, Administration Suite, for monitoring and control. For secure processes in access management. 


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