How to improve industrial products using SETRO Products?

How to improve industrial products using SETRO Products?

Many industrial products and machines require a high quality of individual components. Especially in the machinery industry, the stability and reliability of materials is expected, but this quality is also appreciated by manufacturers in the food industry. What can you “improve” with the products we offer?

Special latch for every situation.

Dirak latches offer a wide range of capabilities from different standard latches to systems designed for special applications. Most of the latches we offer are supplied in a version which you can install without the use of any tools. We offer, of course, different settings and materials. You can find all the details in our catalogue.

Handles from A to Z

Almost every movable object needs a handle that allows us to move or stabilize it. For this purpose we offer handles which are optimized for wide application. Again, you will find a variety of handles for not only the engineering heavy industry, but also for the food and medical technology.

Quarter-turn and rod latch system locks

Locking mechanisms are essential in almost every industry. They are characterized by high vibration resistance and are available in various modern alloys. These locks can be combined with each other, with hinged levers and offer multipoint locking capabilities.

What are the alternatives?

All of the aforementioned products are substitutable. You will be able to obtain similar but also identical components without any problems, with their price being only slightly lower but the quality incomparably weaker. Latches and hinges are often made from plastics that are suitable for use in office chairs, but are far from the standards required in the industry.

The quality of small parts determines the overall state of the final product. Do not get a bad name because of defective products and provide them with reliable hardware.

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