Industrial fittings in different sectors

Industrial fittings in different sectors

Are you able to choose from the industrial fittings available on the market? And follow the news in this area? Get to know the specific characteristics of piano hinges and locking, and choose the right solution for your industry.

Industrial fittings should be easy to install and safe to use. This also means that in an inflammable environment they should have high temperature resistance, and where there’s a possibility of the plate’s leakage with water, being resistant to liquids. The fulfillment of these conditions will ensure safe use and the health of your employees and staff, and thus the continuity of the entire production process.


Industrial locks

To ensure that you have selected the correct industrial lock, it is necessary to know the size of the cutout in the box, the type of installation or type of device closure. Also, there is focus on the material and surface treatment, and therefore the durability and hygienic predisposition.


New trends in locking. Do you know them?

The new point locks by the manufacturer Dirak immediately adapt to several things. The first is the size of the aperture hole that fits all standard sizes. Another advantage is that the lock can be installed both on sheet metal, and doors with the thickness up to 50 mm. Freedom of choice is also given by the design and the offer of various types of control. Thanks to the rotary lock capabilities, you can use it on right and left doors.

The range of point locks that we offer is more than broad, from single point to three-point locks. Their installation is seamless and will not take you more than a few seconds.


Increase hygiene in the food and health industries

Hygiene standards are the alpha and omega in sectors such as food and health care. The material design of fittings from Setro also provides resistance to water, corrosion and other undesirable phenomena. This design greatly extends the life of not only hospital facilities, but also tunnel structures and accessories in vehicles.


No dust penetrates, no dust sits on it?

Yes, even this type of industrial fittings exists. It is particularly important in work sectors in humid environments. A typical example is the metal cultivating industry, but it would also be appreciated by experts in the furniture industry and helpful in handling electrical or distribution cabinets.

DIRAK offers new stainless steel technology in the form of point locks and T- or L-shaped handles. It meets the highest standards for the food industry to ensure anti-bacterial properties the smaller transfer of pollutants.

More details on industrial locking and high hygienic fittings, see in the video:


Magnetic closures withstand high temperatures

Magnetic closures are also part of the range of industrial fittings. Some have the great advantage in the fact that they are resistant to high temperatures. Temperature adaptability can be up to 300 degrees Celsius. They’re also easy to install, either by snapping them together or simply by screwing.


Hot to increase health safety even more?

For your safety and the health of employees, choose products in risky areas carefully. Also, based on the company certificate you can determine whether locks or hinges meet the requirements of ISO standards or not. Our industrial fittings include products by Dirak, which can demonstrate the quality standard ISO 9001: 2008 as well as other certificates on the use of industrial accessories.


Of course, there are many, many other directives, which are indicative of the quality of industrial fittings. In the case of switchboards, for example, the standards for electrical equipment, and in the case of stainless steel products, there are sanitary tests. It is important to monitor how the company approaches the development of new technologies and how the production process goes.

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