Innovation and tradition. All this is offered by the range of goods from Pinet

Innovation and tradition. All this is offered by the range of goods from Pinet

The French company Pinet has been on the market since 1840. It specializes mainly in industrial locks, handles, telescopic supports and continuous hinges. In Slovakia, the company is represented by Setro s.r.o., which brings the entire range of goods from Pinet to our market.

We have prepared a brief overview of the product range of the company with a brief description of each product category. The company that has been established in Paris and stayed a family business for the last six generations is still today one of Europe’s market leaders in its field. However, along with the traditions, it also evolves and does not resist any innovations and upgrades. Let’s look at a wide range from Pinet, which is available in Slovakia.

Range of goods from Pinet with French quality

Pinet hinges

All Pinet hinges are made from a variety of materials to meet the demanding conditions of the customer. Whether you choose the continuous, spring, plastic or invisible hinges, Pinet offers the customer a wide range of products with different working properties. For example, a damping aluminium hinge offers a working angle of up to 115 degrees.

Material selection depends on where the hinge is to be used. You can choose plastic, alloy, aluminium hinges or hinges made of chrome plated zinc.

Special invisible hinges have a hidden fitting to ensure that the hinge is not optically interfering. We offer different types with a 15 to 90 degree opening angle, depending on where it will be used.

Pinet handles

Whether you are looking for handles for indoor or outdoor use, Pinet range includes both. The choice of material has been adapted to the intensity of use of individual handles.

From the catalogue, you can choose standard, folding, or embedded handles. You can choose depending on how much strength you will use on the handle and how it will be stressed. The maximum load on one handle is 100 kilograms

Pinet latching systems

To lock and secure basically anything, you can use Pinet latching systems. The product range includes:

  • ball caps,
  • magnetic and
  • crate latching systems

In different price categories, we can find quarter-caps with a rotary knob, latch locks, lockable T-shaped hinged handles and many others, as per your requirements.

Pinet range is very wide

The range of the company also includes telescopic and retractable mechanisms, supports and Pinet anti-corrosion program. It includes quality products that are made of stainless steel. This range includes hinges, handles or telescopic supports.

Pinet’s range is wide and ready to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Executions from different materials and different price categories combine French quality, tradition and innovation to make the Pinet range ever better. Find out what Setro products are suitable you.

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