Innovations by Dirak. Flexibility, Quality and Simple Installation

Innovations by Dirak. Flexibility, Quality and Simple Installation

Dirak constantly innovates its product offer and regularly introduces new models on the market. At the beginning of 2018, Dirak introduced improved solutions for locking systems and tools that can be used by you.

Locking Systems with Adjustable Height

Dirak has introduced 4 innovations in the segment of locking systems with adjustable installation height. All are made with regard to flexibility, quality, and easy installation, ideal without the need for using tools.

Locking Rod Guide with Knurled Nut

This small element with an opening for the locking bar guide consists of two parts. A nut with a knurled edge and the guide itself, which slides onto the nut. It is thus possible to simply pre-install the whole line and mount the guiding elements at the end.

Thanks to the design, it is possible to arbitrarily adjust the height up to 8 mm, as well as the inclination of the bar guide. Another advantage is that assembly and handling require no tools.

Height-adjustable Mount for 3-point Cams with Knurled Nut

This three-point cam mount is suitable for M10 square threaded rods. It supports all standard cams and can be used with any swinghandle or quarter-turn lock. The height adjustment is made using a knurled nut without the need for a wrench or special tool.

Quarter-turn Lock with Square Threaded Rod

Like other types of quarter-turns, this type is also made of high quality zinc alloy. It has a 40 mm long M10 type threaded rod. It is suitable for the above mount, but also usable with standard adjustable cams. It is waterproof, has IP 65 protection rating and can be grounded using a nut or clip. It can be ordered with inserts of different shapes and sizes, according to the need and usage.

Swinghandle with Square Threaded Rod

This handle also has a 40 mm long M10 square threaded rod and can be used with all standard adjustable cams. We offer several variants made of different materials, such as zinc alloy or polyamide.

Lever-actuated Compression Latches

Two new models have been added to the lever lock family. They are both highly vibration-resistant and used in transport, especially rail transport. Their advantage is that assembly can be done from the outside. Simply insert the swinghandle into the hole and secure with screws. The levers are retractable, which means that in the locked state, they push the door to the frame. This helps resist vibrations.

Lever-actuated Compression Latch 86 × 25 mm

It is made of zinc alloy with a black finish. The mounting bracket is made of galvanized steel. Does not contain plastic parts. It is very variable, can be ordered with different inserts, with or without lock. Adjustable H-dimension from 3 mm to 46 mm. It is waterproof and dust-proof and has IP66 protection rating.

Lever-actuated Compression Latch 90 × 35 mm

It is made of zinc alloy with black finish. The mounting bracket is made of galvanized steel. Adjustable H-dimension from 31 mm to 43 mm. It is waterproof and dust-proof, has IP66 protection rating. Available only in version with lock.

Hidden Pin Hinges

A handy solution for thin metal doors. Thanks to these pin hinges, doors can be mounted or dismantled without tools in seconds. Simply push the hinges into the cut-out holes and the spring pins will securely snap the door to the frame. They can be used with sheet thickness up to 4 mm. Designs for 6 mm and 8 mm holes.

Universal Insertion Wrench

Universal stainless steel wrench is an ideal helper wherever different types of locking systems are used. It was primarily designed for use in rail transport. The practical cross design makes it easy to open difficult-to-turn locks as well. Additional wrenches or other tools can be hung on the practical hole.

The wrench enables to open the following types of locks:

  • conical square, called Bern lock,
  • 6 mm square (British insert),
  • DÜWAG insert,
  • 9 mm square.

The product market for industrial applications is constantly changing. At Dirak, products are constantly being innovated and bring always better solutions. We have a great overview of these changes. So, if you are planning a project, please contact us. We will choose the best solution for you, not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of price.

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