Intelligent Lighting and Street Devices. Thanks to the Product Line by Pinet

Intelligent Lighting and Street Devices. Thanks to the Product Line by Pinet

Products by Pinet really provide high variability and can be found in places you might not have expected. For example, in the streets.

Public Lighting

Street lighting poles are a natural part of residential areas almost everywhere in the world. Classic, obsolete sodium lamps are being replaced by modern energy saving LED light solutions. They are smaller and can therefore be installed, for example, on building facades or narrow masts.

In addition to energy saving, they provide many other benefits, such as a more pleasant light color, enable to connect LED lighting with intelligent systems (light intensity depending on the amount of light in the neighborhood, light according to traffic intensity, etc.). Solar cell power has also been enjoying increasing popularity.

Although such systems provide greater variability, they often require special handles and fittings, which in many cases need to be tailor-made. Pinet is ready for these systems and delivers solutions for various applications and public lighting needs as required. Most often, these are various protectors and covers for poles or lighting heads, as well as hinges and latches for these covers.

Street Applications and Devices

Although it may not be clear at first glance, modern technologies and smart applications are slowly becoming standard in common street structures in cities. Common items, used by thousands of people daily, can be equipped with systems that increase comfort and convenience for city mobility while reducing energy intensity and saving the environment.

Street benches, which can be found everywhere by hundreds, can provide more than just a place to relax. Equipped with Wi-Fi modules and powered by solar cells, they can serve as intelligent information centers where people find information or recharge their devices.

The same is true for bus stops, which can be complemented by smart boards and provide comprehensive information for residents and tourist.

Garbage bins can be equipped with modules for mobile Internet signal spreading in places where ordinary poles cannot be used. In addition, they may have temperature sensors inside to detect fire and send a signal to the fire station.

A How can Pinet products help here?

Intelligent street applications have these modules installed somewhere. They can be in boxes using an integrated locking system and hidden hinges so that it is not easy to open them. Or in service holes, which are protected by various covers and guards, lockable using a sliding latch. Or freely positioned and fastened using special fasteners and fittings on the structure. Pinet can produce and deliver a tailored solution for all these applications.

Don’t be afraid to ask

Just like smart expansions provide endless ways to use common things in cities, products by Pinet also provide endless solutions for these systems.

If you are looking for a specialized product line for your application and need some advice, please contact us. In cooperation with Pinet, we will deliver a tailor-made solution for you.


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