Is a bicycle with a lock safe?

Is a bicycle with a lock safe?

Losing a bike even three times is not so unusual. You can’t even rely on a lock, which is not a major problem for thieves. Better protection is, for example, boxes for bikes with a high quality locking mechanism.


The stealing of bicycles is a popular activity at home and abroad

For example, in Vienna, about 8,400 cases of stolen bicycles are recorded annually. In Slovakia, the number of stolen bicycles in 2014 reached over 550. What is worse, there were not even 190 cases solved in Slovakia. It’s not just the stealing from the street; the thieves aren’t shy about visiting a garage or balcony either.

The prices of bicycles climb up to EUR 10,000, making it a good business for perpetrators. More and more people are using this means of commuting to work or for leisure activities.

People simplify it for the perpetrators by locking the bikes with an easily breakable lock that can even be handled by an amateur thief. If you don’t want to be disappointed, the most important thing is to leave the bike in a safe place. For example, in a box designed specifically for bicycles and motorbikes.


What the bike boxes are better for

Boxes for bikes resemble a garage. Doors open upwards and thanks to multiple forging, they ensure easy and reliable handling. You can find them at railway stations or as part of the hotels where guests can safely store bicycles, motorcycles or scooters. These storage areas are also suitable for the storage of strollers.

Most importantly, the boxes together with locks are a better alternative than locking the bicycle itself. Also, if you put aside the bike for long periods, you don’t have to worry whether hail falls on it, or damaged by wind.


It’s not possible without quality locks

The safety of boxes wouldn’t be complete if it did not include security fittings – locks, hinges, and handles. In just how the box space provides protection for bicycles against adverse effects, the locks must be resistant to temperature, the weather, and made of high quality stainless material. They should meet standards for procedures in industrial production. provides a wide range of locks that we can adapt to the needs of customers. We are representatives of the progressive Dirak company, which is the leader in the development of industrial fittings and seals. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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