What are the next generation locking systems by Dirak capable of?

What are the next generation locking systems by Dirak capable of?

Dirak has been continually innovating its products and regularly bringing their upgraded versions to market. The newest generation locking systems include products marked MLE1102 and MLE5000. Both are intended for industrial use.

Exclusive electronic locking system MLE1102

Devices that must be located in public places, such as switch cabinets, are always a potential security risk and often the target of vandalism. Mechanical key locks are most fragile and if they are not easy to open, they can quickly get damaged and made dysfunctional. Dirak’s E-LINE electronic locking system labeled as MLE1102 has been developed with regard to protection against unauthorized access and vandalism. It is usable on metal panels with a thickness of up to 10 mm.

The swivel handle is made of gray-colored durable high density zinc alloy with a coating resistant to spray paints (graffiti). It does not contain any visible, easily accessible holes and is resistant to dust, dirt and water thanks to its sealing (IP65 resistance according to DIN EN 60529). The intrusion protection class is RCII.

The lock is electronically controlled and since it only requires 48 V DC and 120 mA, it is easy to install and operate. Circuit change is done by means of dry contacts by bringing voltage from the control system, for instance. The locking system is resistant to reversed polarity hazards and can be opened with a mechanical key if necessary. The key lock is protected by a cover fastened with a socket cap screw.

MLE5000 Antenna with sensor

Model MLE5000 belongs to the broad family of mechatronic locking systems with access control that we introduced last time. This is the most advanced model from the E-LINE range of accessories intended for access control and its functions can be utilized in conjunction with model MLE1102.

MLE5000 is an antenna with an RFID sensor and an integrated LED status indicator. It communicates using a standard TCP/IP protocol and can be easily connected to an existing CAT5 network using a cable with an RJ45 plug. The network has an assigned static IP address and so it is always available. Setup and administration take place via the MLM Administration Suite software by Dirak.

The antenna is energy-efficient, only requiring a direct current of 12 V for connection and consumes only 40 mA in standby mode. The MLE5000 antenna also contains internal memory for 2000 transponders and 500 events.

Like the MLE1102 locking system, this model is also made of a zinc alloy with a protective coating, but it also includes plastic parts. It is also dust and water resistant (IP65 resistance according to DIN EN 60529) and can be installed anywhere in the exterior.

The use is very simple and communication is the same as in the case of standard card readers. Thanks to the LED indicator installed directly in the body of the antenna, it is clear what the current status is:

  • if the blue LED light is on, the antenna is ready to scan,
  • if the green light is on, the transponder scanning has been successful and the handle controlled by the antenna is ready to open (unlocked),
  • yellow light indicates that the handle is in the open position,
  • red light means an error or unauthorized access.

The current status of the handle is clear thanks to these indicators, which you will appreciate mainly in situations when you need to check a larger number of locks or locks located at a greater distance.

New locking systems by Dirak can be used to secure access in your company as well. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, you will appreciate their simple installation and virtually maintenance-free operation. If you are not sure whether E-LINE is right for you, contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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