Piano hinges affect product reliability

Piano hinges affect product reliability

The quality of the delivered products often plays an important role in the whole production process. If you have already lost a few customers due to a supplier’s mistake, it is time to think about how to avoid such errors.


Outwardly immaterial things can be crucial

This is especially if you have a large engineering firm, where defective products can suspend all manufacturing operations. These may be a “little things” in size, but important components in terms of production safety. We are speaking, for example, about piano hinges. How to avoid the incorrect selection of these products and assure their reliability?


Customized to the purpose and the necessary load

How long piano hinges last depends on the material and purpose of use. In some cases, piano hinges are needed for higher loads and possibly more demanding conditions, elsewhere smaller demands on material and safety are sufficient.


Material design and durability

Piano hinges are made of steel, brass or stainless steel. Most often, they are surface-treated with zinc, nickel or brass. Steel is divided into different classes from 10 to 19, and accordingly to this it is recommended to use a different steel class in each sector. Stainless steel is currently a popular material because it can withstand demanding weather conditions and other external influences. It is most resistant to corrosion and rust.


Thickness, height, width of piano hinges

The load needed to open the product using a piano hinge, is linked to its thickness, width or height. Piano hinges in containers are less loaded than the hinges that hold large doors. The satisfaction of the end customer depends on the technical parameters.


Simple or decorative surface finish

In addition to standard surface finish, it is not anything new to use decorative ironwork or a piano hinge in an unprecedented design. The atypical design, of course, increases the price. Sometimes it is not easy to harmonize it. You need to identify priorities.


Piano hinges in industry

The origin of piano hinges was indeed associated with the piano, because initially they were only part of the piano cover. But today they are used in many kinds of industries where they are needed for heavier equipment due to greater length and resistance. Precision is important in the assembly. Our piano hinges can be opened up to 270°.


How to guarantee satisfaction?

This probably isn’t the only clear answer. Look for references on websites, compare and inquire critically. There’s a lot at stake – your reputation and profits. You probably know this, but the most reliable way to verify the quality of the products is to try them in practice. We wish you good luck in choosing. 🙂

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