Quality, Progress, and Innovation: Learn about Our Current Offer

Quality, Progress, and Innovation: Learn about Our Current Offer

The company setro has been operating in Slovakia since 2001. During this time, it has managed to build a strong position in the industrial production market. In addition to high quality products, it also focuses on first-class customer and other services, making it significantly differ from its competitors. Innovative solutions and quality are the company’s alpha and omega. 

A rich and high-quality assortment

One of the most significant qualities that sets setro apart is the guaranteed gas spring supply across Slovakia within 24 hours and within 48 hours in the Czech Republic. Our offer is characterized by innovative solutions that bring convenience and comfort to customers. However, positive references from our satisfied clients are the biggest proof of our good work.

“We are satisfied with your company’s services, mainly appreciating the willingness and helpfulness of your staff, as well as the speed at which the orders are delivered. We look forward to future cooperation.” – AEROSPOOL, s.r.o. 

 “I am extremely satisfied with setro s.r.o. I appreciate the quick responses, communication, and fast delivery.” – Matador Industries 

 “I am satisfied; delivery date confirmations are immediate, delivery is done on time according to the required deadline, and if there is a problem, they look for solutions right away and are able to give advice.” – EMERSON a.s., BRANSON

The setro offer currently covers:

  • industrial seals and fittings by DIRAK
  • PINET products, piano hinges, and tightening buckles
  • gas springs by Berthold Max
  • pressure adapters by WEH

Industrial seals and fittings by DIRAK

Setro offers a wide range of products by the brand DIRAK as its representative in Slovakia. These include, in particular, industrial locks, handles, gaskets, valves, hinges, and rod locks.

A product worth mentioning is Captive SNAP-Joiner 9.5. It offers the advantages of a common screw, but is characterized by very simple handling. The SNAP-Joiner tubular system guarantees safe fitting into the mounting hole and does not become loose even under high vibration loads.

It is one of many products characterized by innovation and quality. It is designed to streamline your work as much as possible. Our complete catalog of valves can be found here.

In our portfolio you will find not only conventional locking systems, but also systems for special applications. All valves are also available in the Snap-Line design, which means they can be installed without tools.

We must not forget data protection thanks to the E-Line product line. These are keyless electronic locks whose operation can be set at different security levels.

Thanks to the time switch, the locks can only be opened at certain hours or only by authorized persons. The LED indicators that display information about the locking/unlocking or the temperature inside the lock are a great advantage, streamlining the work for the nightwatchmen in particular.

PINET products – piano hinges and tightening buckles

Similarly to the DIRAK brand, setro is a representative of PINET for the whole of Slovakia. As part of the Anti-corrosion program, it offers products made of stainless steel, which you will appreciate especially when used outdoors or in the humid environment of warehouses and cellars.

The practical use of PINET products can also be seen in public areas. Their goal is to increase comfort, convenience, security, and level of innovation. Intelligent products by this manufacturer can also be found in the form of mast protectors, headlights, or LED lamps, which have adjustable lighting intensity according to traffic time or traffic density. These systems often require special fasteners and fittings that are custom-made for them.

Our wide range of handles ensures that you will always find exactly what you need. Whether you are looking for handles for exterior or interior use, our staff will gladly help you with the selection and recommend the right type of handle according to its maximum load value, which is paramount to choosing. See the complete catalog.

Gas springs by Berthold Max

Gas springs by Berthold Max are an integral part of the setro offer. You can also find anti-corrosion end pieces and brackets to attach gas springs and other accessories, such as a dirt scraper or a safety pipe. They are topped with an M8 thread, with a wide portfolio of available end pieces.

Pressure adapters by WEH

See the catalog for pressure adapters and their accessories. It includes products made of high-quality material that can withstand work under high pressure. The pressure adapters are characterized by high resistance to work under extreme temperature conditions, ranging from -40°C to 212°C – depending on the material.

At setro, we can produce customized gas springs for every use. Their pressurizing is automatically included. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our products and collaboration opportunities.


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