Remote Lock Opening: What Are Your Options?

Remote Lock Opening: What Are Your Options?

Remote lock opening is becoming increasingly popular in the age of modern and smart technology and SETRO is engaged in this segment. Are you thinking of buying smart locks? We will tell you what your options are.

You can find several locks in our range of products that can be opened remotely. All of them belong to the miniK product line. The most popular model is the miniK 10 hopinlock.

MiniK 10 Hopinlock

This lock is designed for Hopinlock Manager, an application compatible with devices running on the Android and iOS operating systems, to remotely manage any number of locks. 

It is intended for locking and subsequently managing lockers and cabinets containing sensitive data. Hopinlock can also be used when the lock system needs a conditional control system (such as for server rack cabinets, company changing rooms, school or university lockers, hospital lockers, security cabinets and weapon cabinets). However, it is not intended for entrance doors or gateways.

Discover the benefits of Hopinlock Manager

Hopinlock Manager is a secure platform for users in charge of safety for a company’s lockers and cabinets to manage hopinlocks. The application lets a mobile device easily and securely open the locks, change the master or service lock password, and also change the key parameters for the lock. 

An SMS also notifies users of any changes in the lock settings. Managers in charge of a lock management system can create a task for the Hopinlock Manager at any moment to open a lock “remotely” if they are not going to be around and the task is then transferred to the corporate device running Android or iOS (the device will be set only to perform tasks specified in advance and it cannot change anything else in the lock settings). 

An employee with access to the device may execute the task at that time simply by tapping a tablet or smartphone on the lock (any number of tasks may be entered in the device for any number of locks – tapping will only execute the task specified for that lock).

In addition to a mobile device or tablet managing the lock, there is a keyboard directly on the lock to allow full control of it. Three-level access control protects the lock with main, service, and operation passwords. 

A solution that protects the environment.

MiniK 10 hopinlock is designed to protect the environment as much as possible. Its battery lasts up to 10 years (of course, battery life is proportional to the number of lock functions enabled), Weighing 70.4 grams with a compact design and functional equipment, the miniK10 hopinlock is unrivaled in the electronic lock market segment. 

If you have any questions regarding the selection of remote locks, do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We will be happy to advise you.

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