SETRO and WEH: Keep the pressure under control

SETRO and WEH: Keep the pressure under control

SETRO is proud to cooperate with another company that produces specific products for industrial production. In addition to  gas springs, hinges, fittings and seals, we are also providing WEH pressure adapters.

Quality always comes first

We have chosen WEH as the exclusive supplier of pressure adapters which are widely used in heavy industry. The machine and automotive industry both need these components, and the whole process of manufacturing of individual components depends on the quality of these adapters.

Wide range of products

We now offer a wide range of products from which anyone can choose exactly what is needed. Whether you are making machines that operate with high pressure liquids or gases, or you are considering changing adapters on older devices, you will definitely be able to choose the size you need from our catalogue.

We work under pressure

All products we offer must withstand heavy work under pressure. The pressure adapters will easily fit into this family. We also offer any necessary accessories and provide all the information about the adapters.

Contact us

Are you interested in buying or regular purchasing of pressure adapters? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you choose the products for your production.

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