Simple, durable, seamless. Meet SNAP LINE technology

Simple, durable, seamless. Meet SNAP LINE technology

SNAP LINE technology is the advanced replacement of established fasteners. Although nuts and bolts have been acknowledged for more than 200 years, sometimes they don’t fully comply with modern times.


Why should SNAP LINE technology be interesting for you?

This anchor technology combines aesthetics, reliability and innovation. The most fundamental advantage is solid and quick installation. The easy disassembly will smartly save your time during maintenance or repairs. Overall, SNAP LINE technology saves up to 90% of your time compared to using classic fasteners.
The obsolescence of screws is especially manifested in their wear. The constant tightening of loose fasteners can profoundly irritate us. SNAP LINE technology is resistant to vibration and extreme stress and almost not subject to wear.

How does it work?

SNAP LINE technology is based on a sophisticated locking design that holds the two wedge-shaped projections with a spring. These projections are shifted during installation and at the end they are “clicked” together. This creates a secure and durable connection.

How can SNAP LINE technology be practically used?

This technology can be used almost anywhere. Its quality has been proven, for example, in the use of railway locks and railway safety equipment. This requires a very strong material with high resistance to vibration.

Furthermore, SNAP LINE technology is used in point locks, lever mechanisms, cabling, handles and locking bars.

Where can I get SNAP LINE?

The Setro company has been operating on the market in the supply of locking systems, industrial hinges and gaskets since 2001. Gradually, gas struts have been added to its range, which are supplied to customers as customized.

The manufacturer of SNAP LINE is the German brand Dirak, which places great emphasis on high quality and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Don’t hesitate to try this technology immediately.

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