Tilt and turn handles that can withstand high loads

Tilt and turn handles that can withstand high loads

When it is necessary to protect public facilities, an innovative locking system comes onto the scene. Tilt and turn handles guarantee security, durability and protection against vandalism.

Telecommunications equipment and electric switchboards are carefully locked. However, similarly to overcoming doors and windows on houses, this equipment is not such a problem for vandals either. The most common way to damage such a cabinet is to use a saw or screwdriver and then it’s easy.

The most common possibility of use

Sensitive equipment uses various types of locking. Point locks or handles. Dirak came up with a novelty in the field of handles, which can withstand high loads. Their use is possible on telecommunications cabinets, electricity switchboards and other important technical objects.

What do they consist of?

The plastic materials locking mechanisms are composed of may fall under different groups, depending on what features they have. The handles are made of plastic, which belong to class UL94. This means that they are fire resistant.

They handle fire, dust, liquids

Tilt and turn handles by Dirak also have the IP 65 certificate. The IP protection reflects how the device is safe when it comes into contact with another solid body or liquid. Two numbers are given behind the IP. The first one expresses the degree of safety in contact with solid objects and dust. It is calculated on a scale from 0 to 6, while zero does not provide any protection and 6 ensures the highest one.

The second number is an indication as to whether the lock can withstand the onslaught of water or other liquids. It is reported in a range from 0 to 8, and again it goes from the lowest to highest protection. In the case of our hinged door handles, it means that they’re the most resistant if they come in contact with an object or the effect of dust. When faced with a fluid, where the highest number is eight, they protect against a weak flow of water from all directions. Overall, however, it is very high according to technical standards.

Flexibility of use

These handles are designed for all devices with 105 or 130 mm cutouts. They can be adapted to the opening on the right or left side. Closing is possible using a key or without.

Call us and ask

Just like the tilt and turn handles, our company is flexible as well. Call us and we will tell you the options or help you with choosing. You’ll get the supply maximum within 48 hours. Keep safe the devices that require it.

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