Types of industrial rubber seals: which of them will you use?

Types of industrial rubber seals: which of them will you use?

Rubber seals form an important part of every production process. If they fail, the damage, not only to property, can be extensive. That is why the demands on their quality and lifetime are high.  

There is a wide variety of rubber seals available on the market, and they are used in different machines and industrial applications. For that reason, the materials they are made from also vary.

Which materials are they made from?

The most widely used material is technical/industrial rubber (usually referred to as EPDM), which is very resilient. Thanks to various additives it is weatherproof; it can withstand abrasion, but also high temperatures or corrosive substances.

Other materials can be:

  • PTFE – Teflon
  • fluorine silicone
  • polyurethane
  • various metals and alloys
  • other

Where can you come across Dirak rubber seals?

Dirak rubber seals are manufactured with respect to the most frequent usage in industry. The seals are available in numerous shapes and lengths so that they can be used almost everywhere.

The range of rubber seals includes:

  • profiles for the protection of various corners and edges
  • window profiles
  • sealing profiles
  • attachable sealing profiles
  • rectangle profiles
  • sealing profiles for doors
  • special profiles

Rubber seals are manufactured from a combination of different materials which enables their wide use. The sealing part is mostly made from EPDM or foam rubber. The attachable part of the sealing is made from soft rubber or PVC and it may also contain a metal clip for better attachment. You can find more information on materials in our older article.

Some rubber seals do not require glueing, others need to be glued by using suitable glue in order to obtain better insulation or if there is a danger of gas leakage.

Which rubber sealing is suitable for me?

We recommend consulting specialists about the suitability of a specific type of rubber sealing, because sometimes it isn’t enough to choose only a suitable shape of the sealing, it is also necessary to know its properties.

In Setro, we will not only help you with the choice of a suitable sealing, but we can also meet special demands of our customers.

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