What are the basic types of hinges and hardware? General Overview

What are the basic types of hinges and hardware? General Overview

Hinges are an integral part of all opening doors, fronts, or hatches in an industrial, household, or other application. In addition to their primary opening function, hinges also allow you to lock the space behind and hold the entire weight of the opening section.

Hinges are generally classified based on their material, i.e. the material the hinges are made from. The suitability of the hinge material used emerges the following factors:

  • indoor or outdoor use;
  • higher sanitary requirements—food industry, chemical chemistry;
  • higher strength requirements—this factor is usually proportional to the weight of the opening section).

How to select the right hinge material?

Customers may select different hinge materials, such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, zinc alloy, and quality plastic. Hinges made from crude steel are usually welded and additionally surface-treated directly on the assembly (galvanizing, painting, etc.).

Once the material is selected, it is necessary to know how the hinges should be fitted in the assembly, e.g. whether we want them to be visible or hidden in the assembly. From this perspective, we thus classify hinges into visible and hidden. Setro offers a number of visible and hidden hinges in various material alternatives. Subsequently, you only need to choose the size and method of installation, which is closely related to the specific hinge assembly. 

The method of assembly is another parameter that needs to be taken into account when choosing the right hinge. We can weld, rivet, or screw hinges to the assembly, or we can use hinges with the patented DST technology, with a tool-free installation. 

Separate hinge categories in our range are piano hinges, torque hinges, or spring hinges. 

Unique hinges for every scenario

Piano Hinges

Piano hinges are unique especially for their length, which in most cases reaches up to 2040 mm. They can be used along the entire length of the opening section of the assembly, which provides for high durability and strength of the door, fronts, and hatches. 

Piano hinges are specific in that the customer can divide them as needed. The two-meter-long piano hinge can thus be divided into several smaller—but equally efficient—hinges by sawing or cutting. Like the other hinges from the Setro range, and in addition to their dimensions, the piano hinges also differ in material design (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass). 

Torque Hinges

Torque hinges are a special type of hinges. They are used in assemblies that require the opening section to remain open in a specific position that we need. This means that if we release the door during the entire opening movement, it will remain open in exactly this position and the force of gravity will not close it. These types of hinges are used, for instance, in medicine, when the doctor adjusts the inclination of the monitor as they need at a given moment, and it remains locked in this position.

Spring Hinges

Spring hinges—as their name suggests—also contain a spring in their design. It facilities automatic opening or closing of the assembly, which is often required in security doors for instance. Spring hinges are sold with springs of different stiffness depending on how heavy the doors you need to open/close are.

In addition to the basic hinge types shown here, Setro also offers several hinges, which we recommend after consultation with the customer mainly with custom applications. Therefore, hinges should be selected following a consultation with our staff, who will be happy to answer all your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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