What do you need to know about DIRAK handles?

What do you need to know about DIRAK handles?

The handles from the DIRAK company are optimized for a wide range of applications in the engineering industry, the electrical engineering industry and transport, but they can also be used in the food industry, in medical technology, as well as for the needs of end consumers.

All handles in our offer are manufactured with a high emphasis on ergonomics, functionality and durability, which is ensured by the selection of high-quality materials from which the handles are made and many years of experience in product design.

All Dirak handles can be divided in terms of material design into the following:

  • handles made of high-quality plastic, which is not subject to aging and is, therefore, suitable for both exterior and interior. Thanks to the unique technology, these handles are light, highly durable and at the same time very strong,
  • handles made of zinc alloy, further treated by chromium-plating or black-plastic coating,
  • handles made of aluminum, fulfilling the strictest hygiene criteria, are suitable for use in the food industry and medical technology.

In terms of the size of the handles, you can find in our offer small “finger” handles, which are designed for smaller applications, especially in the computer segment, where it is sufficient to control the application with one finger. In addition to handles with small dimensions, our offer also includes handles that can be conveniently operated with the whole palm and handles with adjustable length (even more than one meter).

The selection of the handle from DIRAK is also subject to the required method of assembly and method of use.

The handles can be mounted with screwing, fitting with a click or can have DST technology (DIRAK SNAP TECHNOLOGY). In the case of DST, it is an assembly without the use of any tools, but it is necessary to have pre-prepared mounting holes (mounting holes are always exactly dimensionally specified in the drawing of individual handles).  

When choosing a handle, in addition to the material design and the size of the handle, you must also consider the expectation from the handle in terms of space consumption. This means that if we have no space restrictions or other space requirements, we will use handles screwed to the surface – they are very easy to grip, firm and can withstand the strictest criteria in all respects.

If we only need to tilt the handle when using it, tilt handles or recessed handles are a suitable alternative. These types of handles prevent damage and do not protrude from the application, which can result in poor product storage.

The last type of handle included in the DIRAK offer is a folding walking handle that can be locked. It often occurs in buses, trains, and other means of transport in-floor hatches. The hatch and thus also this type of handle is walkable, does not protrude into space and, as a result, does not interfere with passengers. At the same time, however, it is very well made and can be locked, which largely prevents the hatch from being opened by unauthorized persons.

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