What sealing profiles you can choose from

What sealing profiles you can choose from

Sealing profiles make our lives easier in many ways. They are used, for example, to seal windows, doors or various fasteners. We can help you find out what kind of sealing profile fits your needs best.

Choose the right material

The sealing profiles are made of many materials, the basis of most being gum. Based on these materials, the individual seals differ from each other in their functions.

Sealing profiles made of synthetic rubber diaphragm – EPDM, are very resistant. They have no problems with sunlight or weather influences. They can handle temperature changes from -50°C to 150°C. Therefore, they are very often used to seal windows and doors.

Chloroprene (CR) gaskets are able to fulfill their role in a similar temperature range as EPDM. Also, they have a similar use. They can usually withstand temperatures from -40°C to 120°C.

Perbunan (NBR) gaskets are ideal for use where they come into contact with oil or sewage water. They are suitable only for use in locations where the temperature does not exceed 80°C.
PVC is a material used for sound insulation, shock absorption and impact protection. It has excellent resistance to UV radiation and is also used for the insulation of selected types of chemicals.

Do you already know what anchor type you need?

Our offer of sealing profiles contains 4 basic types of anchors. They are: strapping, insert, slip-on, and adhesive seals. Thanks to the multitude of sizes, shapes, and offered ways of securing the offered seals, you’ll find what suits you best.

Choose an aesthetic sealing profile

We know that sometimes it’s necessary to place a gasket where it will be constantly visible. Therefore, we offer a variety of gasket colors. You will find black, anthracite, dark gray, light gray, silver and white color.

Introducing the Setro company

Setro is a representative of the German company Dirak for the Slovak Republic. Our priority is the high quality of products and the shortest delivery time. Therefore you can have the products by Dirak in your hands within a couple days.

In addition to sealing profiles, Setro offers industrial fittings, piano hinges, tightening clamps, gas struts and compression adapters.

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